VIDEO: To fix California’s government, look to London

February 6, 2010 12:15pm

•  Former state senator says English way may be better

•  Predicts latest $20 Billion deficit will be solved the old fashioned way

The state government of California may be yet again looking into a financial abyss but neither the governor nor the Legislature will likely solve the financial mess, says former state Sen. Mike Machado.

The San Joaquin County Democrat, who was termed out of the Legislature, says entrenched interests, lack of experience and an unwillingness to let voters “feel the pain” will result in money transfers and other bookkeeping tricks to solve an estimated $20 billion gap between projected revenue and expenses in the coming fiscal year.

“Because this is election year, [they’ll] punt it down the hallway,” he says.

Watch Mr. Machado’s comments here:

He says California would do well to emulate the British system in which Parliamentary election campaigns are limited in length. Mr. Machado also says there ought to be limits set on how much can be spent on campaigns.

“We as a nation need to take a look differently at the way we do elections than what our forefathers originally thought of,” Mr. Machado says. “Technology has erased the ability to digest and to comment on what is being said because of the way news is reported today.”

Mr. Machado was the keynote speaker Saturday to a public workshop on financial planning sponsored by the Financial Planning Association of San Joaquin. He served in the Legislature from 1994 to 2008 as first a member of the Assembly and then a state senator.

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