VIDEO: Central Valley no longer ‘shell shocked’ by recession

February 8, 2010 12:01am

•  Residents now beginning to look ahead

•  ‘People are getting their heads out of the ‘shock zone’

California’s Central Valley, one of the regions first hit and hardest hit by the Great Recession, seems to have come to grips with the situation and is beginning to look ahead, says the president of the San Joaquin Valley chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

The association sponsored a free Saturday seminar at the University of the Pacific in Stockton to help residents with retirement, taxes, insurance and other financial aspects of their lives.

“Last year we did not have as good a crowd. We believe it was because everybody was so shell shocked,” says Hank Klor, who has been in business as a tax consultant and financial advisor for 16 years in Stockton.

“This year we feel people are getting their heads out of the ‘shock zone’ and trying to move forward now that the crisis has stabilized,” he says.

This was the tenth year for the free seminars.

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