VIDEO: Delta residents told to ready for water war

March 2, 2010 12:03am

•  Two Gates project could come to life at any time

•  Warnings of Peripheral Canal

Residents of the Discovery Bay area of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta were warned Monday night that powerful, unnamed, forces from Southern California are waiting to spring a massive peripheral canal on them.

Such a canal would be bigger than the Panama Canal and would send fresh water around the Delta to pumps that would transfer it to the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

Much of the Discovery Bay opposition keys in on what is dubbed the “Two Gates Project” that would construct dams in the Delta to divert the flow of water.

The project, which seemed to be on the fast track last fall, now seems stalled.

But leaders of the Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation say it’s merely a lull in a water war pitting Southern California interests against the landowners in the Delta.

“We’ve won some good battles, but we haven’t won the war yet,” says Mike Guzzardo, spokesman for the Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation. “It can change week by week. We just can’t let it go and assume we’ve won.”

Click on the play button to see an interview with Mr. Guzzardo taped at Monday night's SFBDF meeting in Discovery Bay:

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