VIDEO: Central Valley jobless picture still grim

March 5, 2010 12:02am

•  No clear direction for employment

•  ĎItís too early to say itís getting betterí

Despite glimmers of an economic recovery on the distant horizon, itís still a deep recession for many companies in the Central Valley, says Jason Beltz, Central Valley group president for Spherion Corporation in Sacramento and Stockton.

ďI think itís too early to say itís getting better,Ē says Mr. Beltz. ďI wouldnít say itís getting worse. From the clients and business partners I speak to [are] holding on to that budget for March to see what happens.Ē

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Spherion, a unit of SFN Group Inc. (NYSE: SFN), is a recruiting service as well as a staffing service.

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