VIDEO: Franchised divorce says it’s a better way

June 19, 2011 9:00pm

•  Stresses non-confrontational approach

•  ‘This is a different business model from anything that exists today’

Restaurants are franchised. So are hair salons, car dealers, even taco trucks.

But divorce?

“This is a different business model from anything that exists today,” says Becky Shook-Wotzka, a Sacramento entrepreneur who owns a franchise for divorce.

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Fairway Divorce Sacramento says it offers an alternative to traditional, lawyer-laden, divorce. Instead, it offers a mediation process that focuses on saving clients’ assets and implementing accountability. Independent legal advice is used where it is required by law.

The Sacramento Fairway franchise had about 60 clients in its first year. Now, in year two, Ms. Shook-Wotzka says it is on pace to double that number.

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