VIDEO: Where new jobs for San Joaquin will come from

December 13, 2011 9:00pm

•  Renewables, recycling are keys, says Mike Ammann

•  Taking stock after six months

In growing its way out of the Great Recession, California and San Joaquin County can look to industries such as recycling and reneweable energy to provide many of the new jobs, says Michael Ammann, president and chief executive officer of the San Joaquin Partnership in Stockton.

But when it comes to really going after these industries, including the “million solar roofs” touted by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, there seems to be a lack of coordination, he says.

Now at the mid-point of his first year with the Partnership, and just after trips to Chicago, Ill., and Austin, Texas, to promote the region, he sat down with CVBT and veteran Central Valley business journalist William West to assess what he’s seen and offer observations on what could be ahead for the region.

In this video, the third of five parts digested from the nearly 90-minute interview, he talks about the potential for new jobs from rapidly growing industries such as recycling.

Once the video window loads, please click on the play arrow to watch.

There will be further excerpts of our interview posted through the week. Thanks for watching!

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