AUDIO: Become your own brand to succeed in business

January 30, 2013 9:00pm

•  Brands can thrive while generics whither says career consultant

•  “If you come across as ‘generic,’ you’re in trouble”

Unemployment and underemployment remains persistently high in the U.S. and especially in the Central Valley, despite the economy making its slow recover from the Great Recession.

With many applicants for every job opening or promotion, career consultant, author and motivational speaker Michael Brown says that to succeed you have to develop your own brand, much as a company develops a product.

“Only those individuals who truly stand out in an intensely competitive job market and offer a unique value proposition will attract the interest of employers who can afford to be choosy,” says Mr. Brown, whose business consulting company is based in The Woodlands, Texas.

“If you come across as ‘generic,’ you’re in trouble,” he cautions.

(Michael Brown amplifies on his strategies in today’s exclusive CVBT Audio Interview. Please click on the link below to listen now or download the MP3 audio file for later listening.)

Mr. Brown has developed a customer service process that he details in an earlier book, “Fresh Customer Service,” that during the past 15 years has been credited with reengineering and enhancing the customer service strategy and experience for a number of small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

His newest book is “Fresh PASSION: Get a Brand or Die a Generic.”

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