Stockton ramps up customer service

September 11, 2014 11:51am

•  Online program expected to offer convenience, more efficiency

•  “Helps to build the bridge between agencies and citizens”

In the not too distant future, it might be possible to get a building permit in Stockton from the comfort of your office chair, instead of having to trek downtown to submit the forms and money in person.

A new software program the city has signed up for from Accela Inc., of San Ramon -- its “Civic Platform” -- will enable citizens, building contractors and tradespeople to search for, submit and pay for permit applications online.

In the Central Valley, this feature is used by the city of Sacramento.

Stockton also will use the embedded Accela Land Management program to replace a legacy system, modernizing its ability to manage land assets and engage with citizens.

Accela says it will streamline planning and zoning, permitting and inspection and will make it easy to govern land use and community development activities to move from plan consideration to certificate of occupancy faster.

From making it easier to open and run a business, to completing permits and inspections, to making city council meeting agendas, minutes and decisions available online, Accela claims, the Civic Platform “provides the foundation for creating the two-way flow of data that makes engagement possible and helps to build the bridge between agencies and citizens.”

The Stockton upgrade to the Civic Platform also includes:

• GIS: provides agency staff with an easy way to interact with GIS data through integration with their Esri or Internet maps.

• Mobile Office: Designed specifically for field use and leveraging the latest in mapping technology, Mobile Office will help agency staff create inspections, investigations and code enforcement cases from the field. Department field workers will be supported by Accela GIS, which integrates Esri ArcGIS maps with the Civic Platform.

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