Survey: Lodi has one of nation’s best slogans

September 21, 2005 8:07am

•  Beats out Cando, N.D., and San Antonio

•  Cited for good branding

Just because you’re a small town doesn’t mean you can’t have a big slogan.

The Central Valley city of Lodi has one of the 50 best city slogans, according to a new survey.

The towns that play the branding game well are part of a growing trend of thriving hamlets and villages whose mottos and monikers are helping to market their appeal and put them squarely on the map, says TaglineGuru of San Mateo, which Wednesday released its survey of the Top 50 U.S. City Slogans and Top 50 U.S. City Nicknames.

According to the 100 branding, marketing, and advertising professionals surveyed, “What Happens Here, Stays Here” (Las Vegas) was ranked No. 1 out of 400 city slogans, followed by “So Very Virginia” (Charlottesville); “Always Turned On” (Atlantic City, N.J.); “Cleveland Rocks!” and “The Sweetest Place on Earth” (Hershey, Pa.)

Lodi’s slogan, “Livable, Lovable Lodi” was ranked 50th. The city beat out San Antonio (“Something to Remember”) and “You Can Do Better in Cando,” from Cando, N.D.

The well-known moniker, “The Big Apple,” was ranked #1 out of nearly 800 city nicknames, followed by “Sin City” (Las Vegas); “The Big Easy” (New Orleans); “Motor City” (Detroit); and “The Windy City” (Chicago).

“Successful slogans satisfy deeply-cherished dreams and desires,” says Eric Swartz, president of TaglineGuru. “They tell a story and engage us in a compelling way. As affluent Baby Boomers abandon urban sprawl for a more fulfilling and less stressful lifestyle, small towns are in an ideal position to create enduring brands that reflect some of these strongly-felt values and sentiments.”

Respondents in 82 cities across 38 states were asked to rank their top 10 city slogans and top 10 city nicknames. Both official and unofficial, as well as past and present, slogans and nicknames were eligible for consideration. To level the playing field, a city could be listed only once in each category even though it had several mottos or monikers.

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